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Quality education is taking on a new look in schools today. Struggling schools have to change simply to survive or risk not preparing students for their future. Those schools that embrace changes and actively work towards school improvement through those changes are thriving. Your school district, school, or program needs to be counted among them.

I offer administrative consulting for quality education and I have decades of experience behind me. What matters most, is that I can help your school get on a track to success that will last, long after I am finished helping you with strategy and communication within your organization.

I have lived and worked in some of rural Alaska’s smallest communities. I also spent 15 years working for and growing Alaska’s largest and most successful homeschooling program to more than 4,000 students. The formula for success varied little because of school size. What counted most was the commitment to change and having leadership to guide the way.

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Thank you.

Tim Cline


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